Samuel Murray, Translator: English → Afrikaans, Afrikaans → English

Translation and language services

General translation

I am a general translator with experience in a wide variety of texts and fields. I translate mostly from English into Afrikaans, but I am fully bilingual and can also translate from Afrikaans into English.

For the first half of my translation career I worked at a daily newspaper, in their advertising department, where I had to translate whole range of documents accurately against strict deadlines. I know that time is usually of the essence, and I understand why translations need to be accurate and delivered on time.

Editing and proofreading

Although my main service is translation, I can work on projects where I'm expected to do editing, reviewing and/or proofreading. I also do back-translation (a literal translation back into the source language for the purpose of checking accuracy). Afrikaans is my native language, and I'm skilled in writing or adjusting texts to the various tones and registers of the language.

Software and web site translation

I have a lot of experience in translating for small and large localisation projects (often abbreviated as l10n), including professional jobs and volunteer translations. I can translate a variety of source file formats generally found in software and web sites being localised, and I'm a quick learner when it comes to new formats.

Although I'm not a programmer, I am familiar with programming constructs generally encountered in localised texts, and I know how and when to be careful. I can do simple scripting in e.g. AutoIt, and I can generally figure out what scripts in other languages are for.

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